Safety is very important to us and we have looked at how we can make everyone as safe as possible. How have we done this:

  • · The event is fenced as this means we can make sure who enters our event.
  • · We have employed an excellent security group to make sure that all bags and persons will be checked upon arrival and the area is safe.
  • · We have a lost children and vulnerable adults safeguarding policy and process in place which we will share nearer the time of the event.
  • · Specific family friendly time with adult content later in the day.
  • · There will be water and space available for guide dogs.
  • · All volunteers will be trained to be confident to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and know basic housekeeping.
  • · We have agreed a safe space to meet before the event.
  • · We have sourced some help with transport for after the event to help people get to the after party.
  • · We have a sensory tent to enable people that need a quieter and less busy place to feel safe and calm.
  • · The event is accessible and safe for wheel chair users.
  • · For people that are hard of hearing or deaf we will have some support workers that can sign.
  • · We have a zero tolerance approach on drugs.
  • · We have a zero tolerance approach towards any form of discrimination.