Rules, Safety & Code of Conduct

Our terms and conditions may be subject to change and updated at any time

  • We expect everyone attending Milton Keynes Pride Festival to behave in an appropriate manner consistent with the value of diversity and identity in the LGBTQ+ communities
  • Any offensive behaviour including homophobia, transphobia, racism or sexism will not be tolerated.
  • All staff, security personnel, medical teams, police, fire & ambulance should be treated with respect.
  • Please comply with requests/directions from staff regarding event operations.
  • Management reserve the right to refuse admission
  • By attending the event, you give your express consent to your actual or simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio and/or visual recording to be used in any media, for any purpose, at any time. The copyright to which shall be owned by Milton Keynes Pride Festival CIC.
  • Please note that pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting or other special effects may take place as part of some act's performances across the festival stages.
  • The Campbell park plateau is mainly grass and is uneven in places. It's likely that the site may be muddy, water soaked or dusty depending on the weather. There is an outer concrete circle providing a flat surface.
  • Any person found to be taking part in illegal activity will be reported to the police There are clear legal guidelines around public nudity, taking part in sexual act in public, and flashing, which the general public must abide by.

Prohibited items

1. No illegal substances
2. No dangerous or hazardous items
3. No glass
4. No Liquids (except water or sunscreen)
5. No alcohol
6. No disposable BBQ's
7. No Fireworks, flares or Chinese lanterns
8. No inflatable's or Chinese lanterns
9. No large umbrellas (folding umbrellas ok)
10. No flag poles
11. No flyers for distribution
12. No posters, signs or banners that could be deemed offensive
13. No goods for unauthorised trading
14. No lasers or laser pens
15. No unofficial high-vis vests or jackets
16. No chairs, stools, seat sticks
17. No air horns or megaphones
18. No bicycles, skateboards or scooters
19. No drones
20. No unauthorised professional commercial photography or video
21. No electric Scooters
22. No pop up tents or structures

This event is a drug free event. No forms of drugs or legal highs are permitted at any time (this includes poppers) All bags and persons will be checked upon arrival and any items found confiscated. Whilst we want people to enjoy their day anyone who is intoxicated and unable to manage themselves will either be refused entry or asked to leave if they are already in the event.

  • No glass items will be allowed on site and all drinks will be served in plastic
  • We operate challenge 25, any persons found attempting and or purchasing alcohol for those under the age of 18 will be asked to leave.
  • Any item that could be perceived, as a weapon will be removed at entry and entry will be denied.
  • There will be zero tolerance of ANY forms of discriminatory behaviour regardless of who the perpetrator is, this person will be asked to leave the event. This is a safe space for everyone, security and volunteers will be on hand to support anyone that is worried or if they need to report an incident.
  • Artists and event attendees are asked to be respectful in their use of language in front of any children during the daytime for example: all comedy sketches will refrain from using swear words or explicit sexual language until after 6pm.
  • No under 18's will be permitted on site after 6pm.


The Milton Keynes Pride Festival team have worked with disability groups to try and make this event as accessible as possible.

Accessibility tent.

This space provides wheelchair charging stations, seating and a rest area for assistance dogs.

Sensory tent

Providing a calming space which for anyone with sensory needs, which can be used for a rest and somewhere quieter during the peak times of the festival. The space offers sensory stimulation within a blacked out tent providing relaxing visuals and sounds, soft furnishings and seating, as well as colourful sensory bubble tubes.

If anyone is feeling anxious or withdrawn at the festival, this area is perfect for a calming space. If you require additional assistance during your visit please find a volunteer who can direct you to some support. The group has taken advice from Access Ambassadors regarding supporting people from the deaf or hard of hearing community. There will be a stall on the day where anyone attending can meet a BSL support worker who will walk around the event with them. Please note this service is provided by volunteers.

BSL interpreters

Milton Keynes Pride Festival have registered signing interpreters across all performance stages and our community space.


We will have a selection of free Braille programs available on the day which can be collected from our merchandise stall upon entry.


You'll find gender-neutral wheelchair accessible toilets on the festival site, including a mobiloo (a pop-up changing facility) providing a hoist and adult sized changing bench. Please refer to our pride Map for details of the locations of the toilets and Mobiloo.

Medical emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, please notify a member of Milton Keynes Pride Festival's volunteers, steward's or security for any assistance that is required.

Festival site access

There is a disabled drop off point outside the Campbell Park events plateau entrance where you will be assisted by our event stewards, the MKPF team have liaised with local wheelchair suitable taxi companies in MK and they are making sure they have plenty of staff for the day.

Accessible parking

Please note there is no onsite parking, there will be a limited number of bays coned off outside the festival plateau down (Avebury Boulevard). These spaces will be reserved for festival goers with accessibility needs, if we can provide you with a space upon arrival you will be required to present a disabled badge. If you have any queries, or need assistance during your visit to the festival, please ask a volunteer, steward or security member.

Site Accessibility

The Campbell park plateau is mainly grass and is uneven in places. It's likely that the site may be muddy, water soaked or dusty depending on the weather. There is an outer concrete circle providing a flat surface for festival goers with accessibility requirements.

Assistance and guide dogs

Assistance & Guide dogs are welcome throughout the festival. However, we strongly recommend not exposing animals to any performance stages, as they could be particularly noisy.

Dress Code Policy

To try and allow everyone to attend and enjoy their day in a way that is relative to them, our festival is structured in a particular way.


This is a family friendly time where the following dress code restrictions apply.

We ask adults to be mindful between these hours, when lots of family's with children will be present at our festival.

A guidance of 'swimsuit coverage' is a minimum requirement.

There a clear legal guidelines around public nudity, which all event participants are expected to abide by!

6PM TO 10.30PM

Express yourself and wear whatever you like!

Festival goers are advised this time is 'adult time'

During this time where restrictions no longer apply, there may be items of clothing that do not cover specific areas of the body.

Please note no under 18's will be permitted onsite after 6PM

Accomodation & Parking

How to find us

Event Address

The festival address is:

Campbell Park Events Plateau, Campbell Park, Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 4AD

From M1 Junction 14

  • Exit the motorway at Junction 14
  • At the first roundabout, take the third exit on to the A509
  • At Northfield Roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Childs Way (A4146)
  • Go over the next 3 roundabouts
  • At the 4th roundabout take the third exit onto Enmore Gate
  • At the next roundabout take the first exit on to Avebury Boulevard
  • At the next roundabout take the first exit on to Avebury Boulevard
  • Milton Keynes Central is well served by trains from London Euston and the North.
  • From the railway station turn right onto Grafton Gate
  • Take second left onto Avebury Boulevard
  • Continue up Avebury Boulevard past the main shopping centre on the left and X-scape on the right
  • Cross Marlborough St (V8) over the flyover and take first left onto the events plateau
  • The station is 25 Minutes walk away, the No.4 Bus takes you to outside Campbell park.
  • There will be a Unison bus giving free rides from the Rail station to Campbell Park
  • Santander Bikes will be on offer at the Rail station for use to get to Campbell Park.


Parking on site


There are various places to park in central Milton Keynes where you will find only a short walk to Campbell Park.

The below links will give various options and information:


If your parking runs out of time whilst you are away from your car, please check what apps are available to pay: See Ringo link below.


Pride Accommodation Provider

LGBT - Stay With Me Promotion

Please book early to avoid disappointment.



Do you have to buy a ticket/wristband to enjoy Milton Keynes Pride Festival?

This is a FREE EVENT - you do not require a ticket or wristband to enter. We encourage families to attend our pride festival. Children under 16 must be accompanied at all times by an adult or guardian.

Do you have to be gay to attend?

No you don't! Milton Keynes Pride Festival is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community but everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

Event times

The festival takes place from 12pm to 10:30pm

PLEASE NOTE: Last entry 9pm.

We reserve the right to change the last entry time without any prior notice.

Pride at Night from 6pm 18+ only

After 6pm only visitors who are over 18+ will be permitted entry.

Search policy

Milton Keynes Pride Festival operates a bag search policy. You may also be searched using a pat down method or a security wand. These are in place for your safety but ay mean at times queues could take a little longer.

Alcohol policy

We will be operating and enforcing a strict challenge 25 policy at all our bars. If you can't provide valid identification when requested you will not be served alcohol. So if you're lucky enough to look 25 or younger please make sure you bring an acceptable form of identification.

Please note we only accept a driving license or passport as valid ID.

No under 18s will be allowed in the bar areas.

Can we bring alcohol & drinks to pride?

No alcohol is permitted in to the event site.

We have many on site bars offering a range of alcoholic beverages.

Soft drinks are allowed but need to be sealed. Any open bottles including drinking water will be required to be disposed of upon entry to the event. Absolutely no glass is allowed onsite.

Photography policy

There is no unauthorised filming, photography or recording permitted at the event. Please do not bring professional equipment to the event, as it will be refused entry. Anyone found in possession of this equipment or taking any photography or video footage will be asked to leave the event. We reserve the right to eject anybody from the festival site. We only allow Cameras with a three-inch lenses or shorter in to the festival


There is a zero tolerance policy to drugs and anyone found with drugs will be treated with the normal enforcement laws. The police will be called. Legal highs are also not permitted on site.

Anti-social or homophobic behaviour?

Milton Keynes Pride Festival operates a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards anti-social or homophobic/transphobic behaviour. We reserve the right to eject anybody from the festival site.

Can I bring a picnic?

Yes you can bring a picnic and food for personal consumption only.

Can I bring my child's pushchair?

Yes fold up pushchairs are permitted.

Can I bring my bicycle in to the park?

Bicycles, scooters skateboards etc are not allowed in to the event.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed and welcome onsite until 6pm. All assistance dogs are welcome throughout the event. We strongly recommend not exposing animals to any stage areas, which could be partially noisy. Dogs must be on a leash and restrained by their owners at all times, owners must clean up after their pets dog waste. The festival provides a doggy hydration station.

Can pride change the artist-line-up and schedule?

Milton Keynes Pride reserves the right to change artist line-ups and running orders without any prior notice.

Security confiscated something from me, can I get this back?

All confiscated items are non returnable please refer to our terms and conditions.

Drones Policy

Drones UAV'S (Unnamed Ariel vehicles)
Are a remote controlled model fitted with a camera
General use of drones at our event is not permitted.

Disabled visitors

The organisers of Milton Keynes Pride Festival wish to make the festival inclusive for ALL and recognise the need for easy access throughout the event for disabled visitors. We provide a designated accessibly entrance on the day along with various other features to cater for those with accessibility needs who are coming to our festival.

Where do any profits go?

Milton Keynes Pride Festival is a very costly event, our stages and basic infrastructure costs increase every year as the event grows. However Milton Keynes Pride Festival is a (NOT-FOR-PROFIT) organisation. Without Sponsors, the local community and support groups providing much-needed funds, this event would not be possible. All profits go back in to the pride event.

How can I apply for a stall?

You will need to submit an application on
The Rainbow Market page.

How can I apply for a food or drink pitch?

You will need to submit an application on
Our Food Village page.


If you have a complaint during the event please report it to a member of staff, if your complaint requires further investigation please email

Can I apply to perform at Milton Keynes Pride Festival?

Bookings of artists at our pride festival are normally booked well in advance of the event and stage time is limited. You may submit a proposal by email to us at
We will contact you should a position become available.

Campbell Park Residents

Campbell park plateau hosts many events throughout the year.
We ask everyone leaving the event to be respectful as it is situated closely to a residential area.


Any lost property found during the event is taken to the onsite management office. After the event, property will be taken to the Pride office and processed. If you have lost an item at our event please email
We find a lot of lost items during the event so it might take us 7 days to let you know we've found your stuff.


Ambulance & Medical Services are available onsite.
If you require urgent assistance, please, seek help from a member of the MKPF team who will be able to assist you.