The Community space within Milton Keynes Pride Festival its an area to connect with others, get help or learn some new things.

Our community tent has speakers from all over the country that come to share their LGBTQ+ stories or provide information on what they do for the community, we also have some performers and sports groups that are LGBTQ+ inclusive. This space is non judgemental and about togetherness, it is a safe space to connect with others.

Within our community area we also have hand picked community services that benefit the LGBTQ+ residents of MK such as information on mental health, sexual health, youth services or fostering. We hand pick some potential employers that are very inclusive in the hope that you may feel confident to enquire about a job at a later date. You will also find the generous sponsors within this area that put in the money to help the event go ahead.

For 2022 we are looking to develop more activities for children within the family section of the day so watch this space!!


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