Milton Keynes Pride Festival is a community interest company that has been developed to provide Milton Keynes with an annual Pride event from 2020, proceeds from the event will go back into the LGBTQ+ community and also next years event.
This follows on from the successful Pride:MK event held in 2019 which was a project of Q:alliance - LGBTQ+ charity for MiltonKeynes, and was overseen by the previous chair of Q:Alliance.

Milton Keynes Pride festival consists of Directors and team members:

Director Helen Pritchard

Helen was Chair of Q:alliance 2017 - 2019 and also chair of Pride:MK. Her background is social work and working with vulnerable young people and families, she oversaw the community element of last years event, She stated ‘ my passion in relation to Milton Keynes Pride Festival  is that Milton Keynes is such a large space and we have many LGBTQ+ residents that do not often get to see themselves reflected in their surroundings. I was so proud of Pride:Mk as we brought the community and allies together and achieved what we set out to do.  I feel confident that these events moving forward can make a real positive change in promoting the community, improving visibility and enabling LGBTQ+ people to live in MK and be proud of who they are. Education is a large part of the event for me and I will be working on making sure we share a real and positive narrative for our younger generations.’

Director Keith Emmett

Keith was a part of the Pride :MK organising team and brought his knowledge of showmanship and organising large events.He stated’ being a gay showman these events are very important for me to be a part of, I was very happy to bring my knowledge to last years event. I organise the free fireworks event that is held each year amongst other events and I am keen to make sure the that venue and service to the public is the best it can be.’
We deserve to have a quality event for our community and I am working on how to make our venue even more special this year.

Director Charlene Carr

Charlene was a part of the Pride:Mk organising team last year, she is a local musician and organised the entertainment. She stated ‘ it was a real pleasure to oversee and develop the entertainment last year, we sought to have a relaxed view and variety of acts rather than a headline act. It was important to me that ALL acts felt that they were respected and I am proud that we can provide this space to support LGBTQ+ artists each year. Hopefully if we have enough sponsorship it would be great to have an other stage but we will have to see, I have started to book acts which is really exciting'

Team member Tash Darling

Tash was a part of the Pride:Mk organising team last year, she is a committed ally to the community and also the youth work manager for Q:youth.  Tash was our safeguarding lead for Pride:MK and will be again this year, It is a hope of Tash’s to extend the provision to young people at Pride to make sure they feel safe and can access good education/ information on the day.

Tammy Sydee

Tammy was a part of the Pride:Mk organising team last year, she made sure the community tent run smoothly on the day and also was secretary for the meetings which was no easy task as we all like to talk!  Tammy is keen to develop the community/ acoustic stage this year and interact on social media to keep you all informed.

Melanie Holden

Mel is our new secretary and a committed ally, she is already organising us and making sure we don’t forget anything.

The Milton Keynes Pride festival are still developing their team and hope to engage with more team members moving forward.